Conservation is a Gray Area

To some, it just means managing energy resources. To others, it means controlling recreation and development. And to others, it means preserving wild areas from all human impact.

Widen the Circle

Issues exist in every country, repeatedly revealing unresolved dilemmas inside all of us. We all want to fill our stomachs, improve our lives and enjoy the limited time and beauty we have here.
There's a fine line between what we care for and what we exclude from our circle of concern, beyond immediate needs and family. These common desires can unite communities in the challenge to keep the planet healthy.

Leave a Healthy Footprint

I have helped with conservation efforts on every continent. Amidst overwhelming challenges, there are always inspiring, dedicated people unafraid to protect areas and animals who can't speak for themselves.
Don't sit on the sidelines -- find a way to help with your time, effort or money, no matter how small. Keep the beauty and health of this planet alive for those you care about in your life and beyond.